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Storm Media Limited

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Storm Media Limited

Dear People,


Ive just purchased a 'miracle cream' sold by these people who false advertised it on Facebook UK. As I live in the UK, I thought I would receive this cream but when it arrived, it wasnt at all what they advertised, it ended up being a moisturiser! I wrote to them immediately asking for a refund & offering to send it back, their reply was, they had given me the correct item? I can assure you that it isnt. Apart from losing 20.00 dollars, i have been left feeling such a fool & now reading these other complaints surely their is something that can be done? Why are we not protected from these fraudsters? Why can't Paypal who are USA help to reimburse us from these such people? 

This isnt something that I do often and will never do again but we should be helped and protected. Kind regards June

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Re: Storm Media Limited



Sorry but paypal gives 'some' paypal buyer protection which you read and then risk assess your transactions.

If you genuinely believe that there is a 'miracle cream' sold by sellers on social media then all I can say is that you are very trusting !!!

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I do not work for Paypal.