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Storm Media Limited, Fraud?


Re: Storm Media Limited, Fraud?

I found a transaction on my paypal for this company that I don’t recognise and don’t recall ordering or receiving anything from them. 



This is the message I sent PayPal when I opened the dispute:

"On 4/19/2019 I ordered 3 bras from ad displayed in my Facebook newsfeed. I received several emails from THE VIRAL BEST company confirming the order and advising it was being packed to ship. That was on 4/22/2019. I had no idea this was shipping from China - and now I see the seller email listed on my PayPal account is different from the actual emails I have received. STORM MEDIA LIMITED is on my PayPal transaction but yet, VIRAL BEST is what is on the ad and the emails sent to me. I did write to inquire about order on 5/20 and received email from Viral Best that they were checking up on it. I sent a second email on 5/22 - and as of today, 5/25 I have not received any further replies. I tried attaching a copy of each email, but they are all EML files and won't save to your Resolution page. I would like to have my monies refunded by PayPal, as it has been over a month since I placed initial order."


As of today 6/11/2019 at 10:45PM I STILL have NOT received the order - and after scrolling thru over 2000 complaints about this company (and their alter ego: THE VIRAL BEST - and others... it has become very clear to me that either i will receive something of poor quality and don't want, or never get it - even tho they did provide a tracking number that suddenly appeared on 6/3 (Where WAS this order from 4/19 to 6/3?????)

BUT what concerns me more is the fact that PayPal hasn't done anything about them - and hasn't stood by the buyer in a lot of cases. 


I am still waiting for PayPal to complete my Request for Resolution (they have till end of June).  But frankly I want my money back... not the crap from China. 

Here's hoping PayPal does the right thing for me.... will post the final results after 6/30.




Hi I wouldn't hold my breath on getting a refund from storm media or PayPal to be honest as it appears that PayPal is in cahoots with this company as they appear to be chucking out all claims about this company and are ruling in favour of them all the time and not in favour of the PayPal so called buyers
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Re: Storm Media Limited, Fraud?

I got careless and failed to check customer reviews of this company before I ordered a $20 item on March 30. The seller gave me a non-working tracking number for Canada Post, and I'm in the U.S. After repeated attempts to get them to ship the item I filed a complaint with PayPal. Just today, June 15, there is a working tracking number which says the item has been accepted for shipment in China. It remains to be seen whether I'll actually receive anything, and whether the quality will be so poor as to make the item useless. Worst experience I've ever had ordering anything online in about 15 or 20 years.

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Re: Storm Media Limited, Fraud?

I am also having trouble with fraud with this company. 

I began an order through them, but discontinued the order before confirming that I wanted to pay them. Therefore, the order should not have gone through. They still charged my paypal. I filed a dispute through paypal,  and now instead of dealing with the issue at hand (that they charged me without my permission), paypal is making them send me a product that I did not want and did not agree to pay for. 


The company should be disbanded from paypal for their fraudulent activity. 


Check BBB before making a purchase!

I made a purchase from Storm Media Limited the are in CHINA! They advertise extremely well! But when you get their products there’s no Instructions at all! Two of the items I purchased they state have been delivered, but I never received them. The third item was crushed and it took so long for me to receive it that I forgot what the heck it was. When I tried to get my money back PayPal wouldn’t give me a refund. Anything over 30 days you can’t get a refund. I’m sick yo death of filling out forms to debate this. I will never use PayPal again. I checked the BBB and both PayPal and Storm Media Limited have been reported. I’m a widow, veteran, and senior citizen and feel taken advantage of.

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Re: Check BBB before making a purchase!




Everyone and their grandma is setting up shop and selling online. Stick to the tried and true names and merchants you can trust. You can kinda tell who is Chinese seller or not, they have a characteristic to them after awhile of being observant, even if they advertise they are located in the USA! Type of goods, price, how their website looks (bad grammar, weird grammar, typos).

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Why is Storm Media Limited still allowed to use this service?

Hey Paypal,


You have thousands of Paypal users in this community forum complaining that this company, Storm Media (and all of the names under which it does business), is a fraud and has scammed people out of both their money and any items they may have ordered. I have a few important questions for you.


1) Why do you continue to allow Storm Media to do business through the Paypal platform when you have SUCH CLEAR EVIDENCE THAT THEY ARE ENGAGING IN ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES?


2) When a Paypal user reports a fraudulent charge, why do you deny their claim and put the charge through anyway?


2b) And why is your system is set up to refuse to allow the users to add evidence to their claim or file another complaint regarding the same transaction?


3) Who exactly are you providing a service to in this instance? It sure seems that your preference is heavily weighted toward a company you *know* is literally stealing from your users.


4) WTAF?


5) Do I expect that you will delete this rather than answering my questions? Oh yes, I do.


6) Have I taken appropriate steps to ensure that this comment/question lives on on the internet even after you delete it? Oh yes, I have.


Thank you for your time

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Re: Why is Storm Media Limited still allowed to use this service?



I doubt they will delete it, why would they, you haven't broken any forum rules and they haven't removed the posts of everyone else that has posted about that company.


But just one point, you say that thousands have posted on this forum..........maybe......that aside paypal is a business so if they get millions of transactions completed via storm media and only a few thousand where things go wrong then i guess as a business they are going to keep using them.


Personally i buy nothing from China as its normally tat anyway.

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Re: Why is Storm Media Limited still allowed to use this service?

I've been frauded too.
There is a lot of people who do not know how to do complains.
There is at least 30 unsatisfied customers for 1 complain. It, by itself, says alot.