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Stolen funds by paypal?


Stolen funds by paypal?

Somehow paypal charged me three seperate $10 topups after paying a negative balance, and there's no $30 balance on my PayPal account and I've tried calling customer service third time today within the business hours but still closed? Wtf...
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Re: Stolen funds by paypal?



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Re: Stolen funds by paypal?

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Re: Stolen funds by paypal?



I'm sorry to hear that you're seeing a discrepancy between what was added to your account and the balance that resulted. It sounds like you might be using a service that requires that you add a set amount of money to your balance in order to use the service subsequently, is that correct? If there was a top up transaction, those subsequent payments would deplete the added balance. Were there any transactions that occurred after your top ups?


If you were charged for multiple top ups and the amount did not add to your balance, please report a billing issue in the Resolution Center. If you need additional assistance, please contact customer support. If you're calling by phone, please check to see if your time zone matches the one for the posted calling hours. You can also reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or email.


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