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Still waiting for dispute resolution


Still waiting for dispute resolution

July 21, 2020: Purchased $79.00 worth of merchandise from Shengguo via face book and 1 month later I do not have the faux ivy covered fence I ordered. I contacted the company twice asking for a tracking number to no avail. Then I texted them to say I was filing a claim/dispute with PayPal by a certain date if they did not respond. I filed the dispute and still waiting for PayPal to finalize my dispute. 
last night I texted PP for an update on my dispute and the “chat” came back with they couldn’t find a dispute..I just hope the prior two weeks in dispute aren’t  disregarded. Very frustrated with PP and they should have customer service where you can call. Employees who work the phones can do it from home....anyone else get a positive resolution from this company? I will post an update on this issue.


Re: Still waiting for dispute resolution

I am experiencing a similar issue.  I did receive the item ordered however it is nothing as advertised.  They offered a full refund if I pay for the shipping costs to return however the cost is more than what I even paid.  A complete nightmare so far to contact PayPal.  Not very hopeful in getting a fair resolution.