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Southern California

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Southern California

I am so **bleep**. I ordered the remote control lawn mower for 51 dollars and some change. These People sent me a cheap **bleep** bracelet that I didn't order. I'm requesting a refund and all of a sudden I can't get a response. This **bleep** is rediculous. I will no longer use PayPal and I will tell all my Friends and family not to use them either. This is so unfair. I hate being scammed. Is there any other recourse I can take? Please help
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Re: Southern California



Sadly Paypal doesn't choose your sellers for you. They just give you some buyer protection but its up to you to risk assess your transactions.

Did you really think you would get that item for that ridiculously low price?

Did you open a paypal dispute to try and see if they can bail you out with a refund from your scam seller?

Even credit cards have terms and conditions and don't always refund from these sites and debit cards give you 0 protection.

If you want advice on the dispute process happy to help. 


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