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Someone checked out a purchase from my account


Someone checked out a purchase from my account

I accidentally discovered that someone had logged into my paypal account and made a purchase with my credit card with the company
KORSIT. I don’t know what kind of company it is. The thief changed my paypal login password. I had to change the password. My password is very complex, which means it did not enter my account through my data. I do not give my data to anyone. EMail has not received this purchase. I wanted to have my Aliexpress cash back transferred. But now I am afraid to leave some money in Paypal and have erased my credit card. Find the thief and return my money 60 $

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Re: Someone checked out a purchase from my account



Because it was not done with your PayPal account but that someone used your credit or bank debit card info through PayPal guest checkout or in-store with a merchant that processes payments through PayPal.


Check with spouse, family member who may have used your card but you forgot or they didn’t tell you. The company seems to deal in prepaid cards, gift cards, game keys, redeemable digital goods to end users and businesses.


Otherwise, your card info was somehow compromised, used with a different email address or in-store so you do not know about it until you see your account.


Contact your card or bank to report the transaction as unauthorized if you do not recognize it since the transaction did not appear in your PayPal account. The bank will contact PayPal when they make their inquiries.

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