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Some advice about a dispute


Some advice about a dispute

Hi folks I sold a large item on eBay (computer monitor) it was collection only due to the size. The buyers sister collected it couple of months ago and all was well. Today I had the buyer contact me who advises that the monitor was the wrong size - I mistakenly advertised it as 30” and it was 23” . My mistake I got it wrong and gave offered a full refund if he returns it. He is now advising that he will give it to a charity shop and is not paying the return postage and wants a full refund. Rather unreasonable.

Re: Some advice about a dispute

Paypal doesn't care. I have been ripped off and they ignored evidence from the US postal service. They participated in a fraudulent enterprise.


Re: Some advice about a dispute

You need to deal with Ebay not PP. Ebay has a limitation on how long the buyer has to file a dispute so if it's been longer than that your good.  If you go through PP then the buyer has to pay return shipping.

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Re: Some advice about a dispute




There is no paypal buyer protection for items personally delivered or collected.

So paypal would equally not tell them to return the item first.

They may file a dispute via their credit card issuer if they funded their paypal payment that way but then that would be a separate issue.

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