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Skechers none delivery

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Skechers none delivery

I am hoping someone can help and advise me on where to go now. I opened a dispute in February after the non delivery of some boots that were ordered in January. I have had no response to any mails i have sent to Skechers and all PayPal seem to be doing is pushing the resolution date further back. They now say resolution by the 13th April. Yesterday it was the 10th. All i would like is to have my money back from Sketchers. I have complained to PayPal twice. To which i have had no response at all. I am not a well off person and £50 odd is a lot to me. Can anyone help and or advise on what i can do next Please

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Re: Skechers none delivery



Paypal it appears are inundated with claims mainly from buyers that bought tat from these China websites or Social Media ads !
So all claims are being pushed back unfortunately.

As long as yours has been escalated from a dispute to a claim, and is still being reviewed then you have the chance of a refund.
Sadly you will have to wait it out in the long queue though.  

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.