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My account was perminetly limited once they wanted identity information which I provided. They then restored the account. Now about a week ago I made two sales on ebay and purchased two shipping labels paid through paypal. As soon as this transaction went through they put me on perminent limitation again. When I finally got into the resolution center it stated that the two purchases for labels from ebay were underinvestigation and thats been since 9/22.  The reason for the perminent limitation paypal stated fraud. I don'y know what fraud I committed as the only thing that shows in the resolution center are these two payments being looking into with the seller. I have sent no less then 6 emails asking for clarification on why they perminently limited my account for fraud. To date  all I received were "boiler plate" response telling me to go to the resolution center where there isn't anything to respond too.

How do you paypal to respond to your emails. I don't understand what happened here and no one from paypal a live person gets back to me. What should I do. I need to be able to sell on ebay and get paid.

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