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Should I be granted a refund?

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Should I be granted a refund?

I have purchased digital goods, specifically”Lifetime VIP” which grants privileges inside of a server (in Rust, a game). Very soon after my purchase (less than 1 day) I was PERMANENTLY banned from the server for being displeased with it. It stated NOWHERE that it was against the rules to be dissatisfied with the server. I now will never have access to what I paid for again, and essentially got scammed in my opinion. However, PayPal still denied my dispute which was “Did not receive my item” and then later changed to “Not as described” since I technically received it. The seller even lied about the reason they banned me though which I have proof of but I can no longer attach anything to the closed case. What do I do? Shouldn’t I get a refund?
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Re: Should I be granted a refund?



Paypal never guarantees you a refund, its not an insurance policy, you need to read up on it to see what it does cover and then risk assess your transactions.

For virtual transactions you are mostly covered for non receipt of item but not item received but not as described.  

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