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does somebody knows the Onlineshop:

In paypal does not appears when I did the payment. It was shown the following name: <removed>. Is that nornmal?

Do you have good experiences with the shop? Or is it a fake shop?


Best regards,


PayPal Employee

Re: Shop:

Hi @Tom-2020 ,


Thank you for reaching out to us. 


I know that you wanted to know more about the shop before you make any purchases. It seems that the email address or Paypal account has been removed. For us to send a payment to another Paypal account holder, we need to have the email address that they have linked to their Paypal account. If it is not a valid email address, the system will not allow it. 


We wont be able to check the Paypal account of this seller as it is against the Paypal policy and procedure but just in case anything happens, as long as you are logged in to your Paypal account, you will be covered by the Purchase Protection Program of Paypal. 


Hope this helps! Stay safe.


Re: Shop:


the new E-Mail-Adress is <removed>


Can you check it please?


Thanks 🙂


Re: Shop:

Hi @Tom-2020 and @Mejoare,


Thank you for your posts! No email addresses are allowed in the PayPal Community Forum, whether they are valid or not. Please make sure that all posts are in compliance with the Community Guidelines.


I'm sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.




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Re: Shop:

Theres alot of people getting scammed by these websites with xyz in them. DONT order from them Tom. Read all the problems people are having with Nintendo switch, pay pal is not always refunding for scammers, they are sending people useless items in mail and you have to pay alot of money to ship back.