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Shenzhen company ltd

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Shenzhen company ltd

Beware of these con artists sent for a £30 golf swing trainer and received a small plastic golf ball see lots or posts that I wish I’d seen before my order Despite not receiving goods and emailing them they offered a fifty percent refund unbelievable I raised a dispute with pay pal on 9/6 and kept getting fobbed off  saying awaiting reply despite saying no goods and a picture of the small plastic ball PayPal sent an email with a form to upload which I couldn’t do ,so I sent an email with info requested instead got another asking if a neighbour maybe took in the parcel what from 9/6 now 31/8 couldn’t believe it 

Then to cap it all got email your claim has been refused from PAyPal utterly poor service 

Bottom line don’t touch this company with a barge pole total scammers and PAYPAL get your act in order