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Shenzhen Ozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Ozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

Ordered two puzzles for 49,99 USD. First I had to wait for a reaction to my E-mails. Than I waited for almost 4 Months for goods to arrive. The delivered goods where rubbish, not what I have ordered. Started to complain with Shenzen Ozhuo. They offered a solution to refund 8 USD an d I could keep the delivered goods, read rubbish.


Is it possible to put Shenzhen Ozhuo Technology Co., Ltd. on  some kind of black list. This company is pure fraud.


Re: Shenzhen Ozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

They know that they have you once they ship it. I ordered a puzzle, grand total $35 with shipping, which btw their page says "Made in USA". It took two months for the puzzle to show up, and it was a $14 puzzle made in China. At first they offered half of my money, I refused. Then it is they will refund the whole cost. They know that it will cost us more to ship it back and we will not follow thru.. It would cost me $28 to ship it back and I get my $7 back.. and PayPal is no help at all. When I didn't provide the tracking Paypal denied my claim. I've had a Paypal account for some years, and a Paypal credit account. I am considering closing both.  I may check with my credit card and see if they help with..