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Shaw Academy

New Community Member

Shaw Academy

Hi, i was also scammed by Shaw Academy!
I registered for a 4week trial and then they were requesting payment details, to charge me afterwards.
Unfortunately, they charged me 39,99 euro for some toolkit, as they said, that I NEVER wanted.

I contacted them, and of course, they can't give my money back!
I canceled automated payment from PayPal and the people from Shaw Academy still told me this
"I would like to info you that the account still has pay details. "
Then i also canceled "my membership" from their site and requested my money back from them through paypal

1) How can i be sure that they will not use my details, that they still have, to charge me again??
Will it be stopped by PayPal?

2) How can i stop their SMSs?

PLEASE someone help me! I read your comments and seems that paypal is not doing anything!!
Seems that "the getting money back -service" is not working and i feel that paypal is not safe anymore.