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Shaw Academy Scam


Shaw Academy Scam

I signed up for a free 4 week trial and had to enter my PayPal details to do so. Enrolled on 3 courses but when clicking for information on the course resources my PayPal account had been charged £49.99 three times. I immediately contacted the company and cancelled my account. So they can see I didnt actually access any courses or materials. They replied saying they can't refund as its a 2 step process to purchase these toolkits. Which is a lie. I also never received any confirmation of purchase. They offered me lifelong membership which I declined and now won't respond to me. I started a dispute through PayPal as my account has now been blocked until I put £149.97 in to cover the payments to Shaw Academy. Has anyone been in a similar position and can offer any further help or support? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Shaw Academy Scam



I have seen a few cases here similar with them immediately charging that caught people off guard:


It says:

"Standard 28 days / free trial subscription is 49.98€ per month. (Renews every 28 days)"


I wonder if they charge and just before the 4 weeks trial period are over you cancel it and then you'll be refunded.


Or like it says here, you have the option not to enter payment details:


I hope you didn't open an Unauthorized dispute. PayPal will deny it as no one broke into your account to make these transactions. You entered your payment details and enrolled in 3 classes by yourself.


You have the option to file as Item not received or Significantly not as described.


Reach out to customer service to explain the situation by clicking "Help" at the top menu and clicking "Message Center" to write to PayPal.


Personally, I'd be wary of providing payment details on free trials unless I am aware after thoroughly researching t&c that I will be charged and then refunded later when I cancel within the trial period.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂