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Sending money to the wrong account

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Sending money to the wrong account

I recently sent a large amount of money to my grandson's account, using his phone number, but it went to the wrong person who had the exact same phone number listed on her PayPal info.  I was told by PayPal that her number could've been an old number that was reused.  If that is the case, how can they even offer the option of using a phone number???  I've reached out to the person who received the money in error and she won't respond or return the money.  PayPal says that I authorized the transaction so they can't do anything to help me, however I did NOT authorize it to go to her account.  HELP!  This was my grandson's graduation gift and I'm sick about it.

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Re: Sending money to the wrong account



If you sent it using the friends/family option then sadly there is no buyer protection as nothing has been purchased, it was just a gift of money so nothing paypal can do about it unfortunately.


If you funded that paypal payment via a credit card then talk to your card issuer and see if they will chargeback for you? 

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