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Seller won’t refund until I close case.


Seller won’t refund until I close case.

I open a case against a seller because I didn’t receive the item I purchased. He has now agreed to refund me but only if I close the case first. Am I meant to close the case before he refunds me or is he trying to fool me and not refund me knowing I can’t reopen the case?


Re: Seller won’t refund until I close case.

Hi, @Michelle3339. The situation you have described can be a challenge to deal with. On the one hand, it's good for buyers and sellers to work together to resolve problems. On the other hand, no one wants to do anything that might jeopardize resolving a situation as best as possible.


If you have any doubt, PayPal recommends leaving the case open, escalating a dispute to a claim (if it hasn't already been escalated) and working with PayPal to sort things out. Please check out for more information.


I hope this is helpful. Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!