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Seller protection

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Seller protection

Recently, i send an iphone to a client.

Once he receives place a dispute. After weeks, he follow paypal advice (we can never reach him) and send us back an empty iphone box.

Paypal decide in favor of client, even we submit photos, dhl report, and police report. Also the client, wrotes on dhl voucher, phone box and not phone.

Paypal after too many calls and mails, appeals, still grand favor to client.


Has anybody face a similar situation? And how you handle it?

 thank you

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Re: Seller protection



Paypal do not know what the buyer 'says' he sent or what you 'say' you received.

Its one persons word against anothers.

As the buyer had a tracking number to prove delivery of the item back to you then they would normally win.

HOWEVER that does NOT stop you using the small claims court (if available in your country) to sue the buyer.

If you have postage 'weight' proof that the box was empty then you have a good chance of winning.

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