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Seller not shipping product, cannot file dispute

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Seller not shipping product, cannot file dispute

Hey guys, I made a purchase nearly a year ago, on May 5th, for $162 and the seller has not shipped the product to this day. We have compromised for a significant period because I was understanding about the manufacturing issues that occurred for my order, but I have not received word from them since February. I originally filed a dispute months ago over this transaction, but was assured by the seller that my product was to be shipped, even being sent pictures of the product in packaging. I am no longer able to file any dispute, because I believed the seller and cancelled it. Is there anything I can do for a transaction this old? I would love to be able to reopen the dispute, but I read multiple threads and FAQs that state that this isn't possible, so I feel stumped. Any help is appreciated, thanks for your time.

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Re: Seller not shipping product, cannot file dispute



You have up to 180 days to open a paypal dispute after that you can take your own private legal action against the seller if that is an option or contact your card issuer for help IF you funded your paypal payment that way.

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