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Seller has reported that the money has been withdrawn from PayPal account

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Hi.  I recently purchased some items from overseas.  The seller had not yet sent the items however had communicated that with me and I was OK waiting a little longer (it was a bulky item that required special packing).  The timing for buyer protection was nearing to an end (it had been 50 days) so I filed a dispute stating the item was yet to be shipped however I was happy to wait another two weeks.  The seller has now advised that the funds have been taken from his account and that he will not send the item until its returned.  Is this true - does PayPal take money from the account as soon as a dispute is raised and how can I assure the seller that PayPal has the money not me and that if he has proof of shipping - he should be covered?  What proof will make sure he is covered? 

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