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Seller Becomes Threatening

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Seller Becomes Threatening

Facebook marketplace listing for a $40 lego set. I ask if it's still available, it is. I say great, when can we meet and what's their preferred method of payment.  They say paypal, so I send the $40 to the email they give.  I ask where and when to meet.  This is where it gets a little suspect.  They say 4-8pm, and then give an address.  So I respond, 4pm sounds great, we'll meet you there.  Then they say, Oh that message was for someone else, and I meant be ready to meet 5:30-6.  I say, 5:30, he says "for sure" and thumbs up and drops a pin.  The pin is an intersection near a big store, an apartment, and a strip mall.  I tried to clarify but from that moment on, they stopped responding or even reading the messages.  So we go wait in a parking lot till 6, no message, no read, no response.  I write back that I guess we don't have a sale and I'm going to file a dispute.  Come home, start the dispute process.


At 1am I get a bunch of messages about how he didn't have his phone, has a high seller rating, had a bunch of other orders going on that day (sends me screen shots) which up to this point I'm willing to give benefit of the doubt.  But then they start in with the threats.  They also wrote that I need to give them back the item, which I never got.  "Give me back my Lego tie fighter before you see a real thai fighter fool cuz you get what you asked for pay for it with your **bleep** big **bleep** mouth better have my money **bleep**"

So, I don't want to have to deal with this person.  I've filed the dispute and blocked them on FB.  My problem now, is the dispute can be escalated but in a week.  I don't really want to wait a week while this person gets hotter about not having their $40.  If they want to relist it and try it with someone else, fine.  I don't want to deal with it.  I also don't feel really safe because I think with the paypal transaction they have my address.

Paypal doesn't open for a few hours, and I'm calling them when they do.  But did I overreact?  I mean, I feel like I should be able to write the person back and say "Look, I'm sorry you had a bunch of messages, but from my point of view, we had a time, a place, and I sent you money.  I'm sorry it didn't work out.  If you have the item, you can come deliver it to my house since I already tried to drive down to your part of town.  Dispute lifted, everyone's happy."  But I don't think that'll fly with them.  I feel gross about this whole thing.