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Seeking help with a dispute against a seller

New Community Member

Seeking help with a dispute against a seller

Hello all,


This is my first issue that I have had after using PayPal for many years.


I made the mistake of purchasing this cute shark thing from an ad that I had seen on Facebook.  It was apparently battery powered, the mouth moved, and it curled up and grabbed you with it's fins when you tickled it.  The total was $29.97.

When the item arrived, it was nothing more than a cheap, molded plastic shark that did nothing and looked nothing like the item pictured in the ad.


I forwarded all of this info to PayPal in a dispute.  The seller first offered me a $5 credit without returning the item, then $10, then finally $12 telling me that if I did not accept that that they would require the item be returned and that it would likely cost more than $30 to return the item to China.


I viewed this as a threat and poor business and thought that PayPal would have my back as the item was NOTHING like what was advertised and declined their offer.


Now, the dispute center is saying that the seller has agreed to issue a full refund and that I am required to return the item.


This makes no sense.  I ordered an item in good faith and now feel as though I am supposed to walk away from it.  It looks like any avenues to contact PayPal regarding this are now closed.


I would appreciate any advice that any of you folks can offer (other than BUYER BEWARE).  I specifically used PayPal because I felt I would have good protection.


Thank you very much!



Re: Return Item Costs 


Now I see I'm not the only one...  C'mon PayPal...