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A person hit me up about a FedEx job. I paid $97 for a background check then learned he was a scammer. If PayPal will let him scam me how can they stop others from scamming I mean it was for a job? No refund and never heard from him and denied my money back. There is no use and going through PayPal if we are unprotected; and the bs excuse is it was unauthorized. I hope noone ever asks me to do PayPal again.
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Re: Scanned


To get buyer protection, you must pay via goods and services option, not friends and family (gift) option.


If you paid a scammer, you file a Item Not Received or Significantly not as described dispute, not unauthorized transaction dispute which is for breach of account.


Message PayPal to change your claim to Item Not Received or Significantly not as described. Hit the bell icon in your PayPal account to send a message.


If you are the seller, then you have to provide acceptable proof of delivery of goods and services to get seller protection and accepted goods and service payment, not friends and family (gift) payment.


If the buyer opened a Unauthorized transaction chargeback case with their bank or card issuer, you have to provide proof of shipment or proof of delivery to PayPal who will decide if you are covered under seller protection. If your transaction is not eligible for PayPal seller protection, then you are at the mercy of the buyer’s bank or card issuer’s decision.



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