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I ordered an item from Novaly Pay (I have an email address too) and was charged by Pay Pal. I was sent a tracking number for the shipment and a notification it shipped about 10 days later. I never received the merchandise so I called UPS. The tracking no. Provided was for a Best Buy shipment to a different person at a different address. I opened a case with Pay Pal and the seller apparently provided them with (fraudulent) shipping information and they denied my case. All you have to do is call UPS and confirm that the shipping information does not match me or my address. I’ve tried repeatedly to get ahold of someone but there is no phone number. Is Pal Pal part of the scam? I’ve sent numerous messages and am opening a case with the better business bureau. The public needs to be on notice for these scams and Pay Pal seems content to take my money and deny the clear evidence of a scam. With Pay Pal endorsing the theft of its merchants, many more people are going to be taken advantage of like I have.
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Re: Scams



No, PayPal is not part of the scam. Just crafty sellers trying it on.


I do not know the extent of the info and how they confirm the tracking info through their API with the shipping company but maybe the only info it can check for is the status, city/state/zip/country in the automated sense. Such situations have to be reviewed by a human so you gonna have to appeal. Reach out to customer service at the message center: Click HELP at the top menu, click MESSAGE CENTER under the search bar.

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