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Scammer use my sisters phone to create a fake PayPal account

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Scammer use my sisters phone to create a fake PayPal account

Hello, Before a day my sister was scammed to create an account using her phone and card. The scammer use an unknown email. The card is cancelled now, but the phone is still there and can be used by the scammer. The scammer stole 20 from the card by telling lies to my sister. Then we block her card. There is a too much login attempt message in PayPal when we tried to log in using phone. Is there any way to get the money back? How can i find or change the email to the PayPal account using only the phone? Is it possible to delete the account entirely as we did with the card?

Re: Scammer use my sisters phone to create a fake PayPal account

the buyer in this case is running a scam that you have participated in. the buyer promised to return the item and did not. the buyer in fact shipped me an empty box. i notified payapl right away. paypal did nothing to protect me but instead assured me that all i needed to do was send in a seller appeal affidavit. the buyer filed a dispute before ever contacting me which is a red flag and paypal ignored it. Ebay ruled in my favor due to the buyers history and paypal ignored that too. the buyer gave ebay a different reason for dispute than the reason they gave to paypal. the buyer scammed me and paypal allowed this to happen. Whose side is paypal on? These are facts that paypal looks away to and is the reason why i want to close my account. I do not trust you paypal and the more i investigate the more i find others who are victims like me. Paypal sides with paypal and will cut the throats of those they pretend to protect for financial gain, that is paypals agenda.