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how do I get a refund on someone who has scammed me for $40 USD? I was buying a gaming account off him and he made me transfer the money to him and by doing so he has proceed to block me from all types of communication. 


Re: Scammed

To be honest, I got scammed for 8x more than you with a whopping $239, all I did is report this to PayPal and request to be escalated to PayPal if the seller clearly doesn't respond to you they will issue you a refund! you really have to be honest in order to get your money back!


Re: Scammed



No offense, but right off the bat when your buying a leveled up gamer tag or similar your delving into the "fringe of shadiness" you will probably get your $ back if you file a dispute with PayPal..

Lucky you only got taken for $40 & didn't end up with alot worse which I won't go into..

I see leveled up tags on ebay all the time, in future might be prudent going that route for its slightly safer as opposed to off a forum or some random guy you met on XBL or PSN.

My son sent some random guy who he met playing COD on XBL $400 for a pair of sneakers & soon as he sent the $$ the guy blocked him & stop answering his calls/texts, of course thats when he came to me asking if theres anything we could do.

we ended up filing a dispute with PayPal & after their "investigation" which took like a month cuz they give the guy you sent the $$ to like 3-4wks to reply,,,

They credited his PayPal acct the $400