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Scammed with PayPal's sincere help

New Community Member

Scammed with PayPal's sincere help

I bought an expensive item from Facebook marketplace, and paid via PayPal with hope of buyer protection. thought I will be safe from any scammer. The scammer was very clever, and he sent me only a tracking number and gave it to PayPal. Despite asking multiple times, the seller never sent me any proof of lodgement of the item with post, no proof that the item was addressed me. the tracking number eventually showed as delivered, but of course it was not intended for me because I never received that. contacted the post, and they said it was not a parcel at all, but just a letter, and it was delivered to wrong address. its beyond doubt that the scammer sent just an envelope to mislead everyone and he certainly sent to a wrong address intentionally to fool everyone. I notified PayPal about this, but they completely ignored this. They kept moving the resolution time multiple times, and finally today they said the case went in favour of the seller since "the seller provided proof of delivery". 

I have made complaint to ombudsmen and will go to court if needed.

please do not do business with PayPal. they are scammers.