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Scammed through website

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Scammed through website

So i bought a cricut through a 3rd party website and they charged only through paypal. the thing is that when you do that, it doesnt really give you an option to pay through friends or family or business. So, you assume that its through business. Well, i have filed a claim through paypal and now they closed it because it says im not eligible for payment protection. I literally told them it was a scam and it wasnt really i direct money sending transaction.


So now, paypal is denying to help me at all, and im out hundreds of dollars. Paypla i snot even responsive. ive sent emails, texts and tried to use the chat option but its been arounf 5 horus and they havent even answered the chat. 

Compeltly dissapointed in this. i even sent them the screenshots and all of the evidence that iw as scammed. 


Re: Scammed through website

Hi same happened to me here is the information

Dispute Case ID: PP-D-89865434 

Transaction Amount: £59.88 GBP 

Dispute Amount: £59.88 GBP 

Transaction ID: 7BX0436135853200W 

Transaction Date: 3 November 2020

My computer was hacked for weeks when I finally got windows reinstalled I found this transaction PayPal wont refund me or the company HMA wont refund which is illegal deceitful and unlawful its my legal right to have a refund if I didn't purchase an item or subscription, if HMA dont refund then I will inform trading standards and fraud team again from my bank if I have no joy there then I will have no choice to inform my solicitor.