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Scammed for virtual items

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Scammed for virtual items

So I recently bought virtual items for a game I play. I paid to receive these in game items. Yet after paying my items were never delivered. Now this is a personal website for someones personal server where others can play their game and pay money to receive items and equipment on this server to continue their gameplay. Yet after placing my orders, a few months ago my items were delivered but now when I recently bought an item again I never received the virtual goods and after asking the server owners about it they ended up just taking back all my previous items I had bought. So I decided to charge back for my money as these server owners completely scammed me out of my money.


After making my claim they did not respond after 10 days yet right when the claim was about to end in my favor the seller provided a shipment tracking number. Yet I never ordered any virtual good to be shipped to my house! I am almost positive it is some kind of fake tracking number that allowed them to win the case. I know other than myself MANY others had charged back against this "company" around the same time as me. Somehow only a few of my claims were rewarded in my favor and the others were said to have been proven shipped. Now these people were also able to use my address information as it was required when making an account on their website. They obviously knew how the system worked and played me for my money. This is the email I received after making my purchase. This proves that there is no physical good and the items are virtual! "you will receive your items in 10-15 minutes" Please tell me how this site was able to provide a fake tracking number and win the claim!?!?


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Re: Scammed for virtual items

Upon further investigation it seems they for the tracking ID they simply put in the paypal transaction ID? How is that a tracking number!?! It is clearly virtual goods as shown by the time said in the email! saico2.PNG