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Scammed -- deceived


Scammed -- deceived

I was in email conversation about a private temporary rental agreement with a trusted person well known to me. In response to my email I received an email, presumably from him that in part consisted of the email sent by him. Inserted in it was a banking account to which I should transfer the funds. I was made to believe that this email came from him. I tried to make payment, which didn't work. I responded to him. They then suggested that I make payment through PayPal and sent me the email linked to the PayPal account. I sent the payment (through my PayPal linked credit card) - quite a sum of GBP 800. 


After I learnt that this was an intercepted email and fraudulent PayPal details, I opened a case of unauthorised activity. I provided all the details including the PayPal details/ email of the fraudster. Paypal dismissed the case.


I have tried to contact PayPal through the message centre to ask what I can do to get a refund. My first two messages were unanswered. To the third I got a summary reply asking whether I want my problem to be referred to an agent. I answered "yes" - and next I get a note on the screen that the message centre is currently not available, and I should use the community forum. 


Has anybody any idea what I can do?