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Scammed and want a refund

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Scammed and want a refund

Hey paypal friends.. maybe you can help me. I ordered about a month and a half ago 10 shirts on a website (thought it was from the states.. later found out it was from China). after almost a month waiting for any sign of life and a note when I am to receive them I contacted both the seller and Pay pal that I want to cancel the ordere since they haven't answer any of my e-mail. about 3 days later I finally got word that the packaged has been shipped. I received it 3 days ago only to find that none of the shirts and sweaters I ordered arrived. Instead I received 10 horrible items that are not even close to what was being sold. I tried to open a case with pay pal to get a refund but since the dispute was for not receiving the merchandise and according to them I did receive, they closed my claim and was told I'm not eligible for a refund.

How do I get pay pal to reopen the claim- for not receiving what I ordered? I found out 2 days ago that about 20 other people have also been scammed by this same seller..


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Re: Scammed and want a refund



Please always research the site first before buying for them being listed as scammers somewhere first. If there is no info, buy from some place else.


To change the reason for dispute after a case is closed, you have to contact customer service. Click HELP at the top menu and click “Message Center” . Reference the dispute case ID number you want to reopen.


You can also see if live chat is available on the Help page while logged into your PayPal account. At the bottom of the page, click contact us to see what options are available to reach out to customer service. Due to covid, it may take longer to get a hold of someone. Your other option is to dispute through your card issuer. 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂