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Scammed. Possible money laundering situation. Please read.

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Scammed. Possible money laundering situation. Please read.

I currently have a negative balance of £251.93. However I have not sold anything, let me explain...


A friend of mine popped up on facebook, saying he was selling a computer and was having trouble receiving a payment so he asked if the money could be sent to my paypal, then i can send it off to his bank. I didn't think twice (stupid, i know) and said sure. I received £251.93 into my paypal account, and he provided me with a sort code and acc number.  I sent the money to this bank account, then shortly after i received an email saying that there is a charegeback, my balance is now negative and there has been an anunauthorised account activity claim. My friend posted a facebook status asking everyone to ignore the paypal messages as his account had been hacked. Unfortunately it was too late for me! I called Action Fraud who then advised me to call the National Crime Agency due the  moneylaundering possibility. They then gave me a number to call tomorrow morning. 


Two scenario's - either the person who sent the money is the same person or in on it...or the person is someone else who got scammed and wants their money back. Either way, i'm now £251.93 in debt. What can i do? Do I HAVE to pay this money? Are there any ways around this? Now how i wanted to spend my sunday night.

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Re: Scammed. Possible money laundering situation. Please read.



An unauthorised dispute means someones paypal account was hijacked and used without their consent, if that was so then the account holder gets his money back BUT paypal would reimburse the other party if they met ALL the requirements of seller protection.


Unfortunately by doing what you did you did not meet seller protection requirements so paypal will want their money back as they would have reimbursed the other party.


That is UNLESS the claim is still ongoing as paypal investigates the claim of unauthorised use if it is they may still reject it.

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Re: Scammed. Possible money laundering situation. Please read.

We were unable to cover this transaction under Seller Protection, as the supporting information you provided was not adequate. This case has been closed in the buyer's favour and the transaction amount has been withdrawn from your PayPal Balance.

with I have sent prove I was scammed with my circle of friends by the same scammer and paypal did not wanted to know, as I was the one at fault even with the prove I had to show I was not at fault 

we don't stand a chance to get our balance corrected