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I’ve had someone contact me about purchasing a product on eBay. Want to use PayPal - no problem. She has said she has transferred $300 extra for the delivery company & the company wants it in eBay voucher. She wants me to purchase it & send her the voucher & code. I haven’t received any money & she is saying PayPal has held the payment until they see the eBay voucher & I need to follow instructions on how to release the money. Smells very fishy & now she’s accusing me of scamming her
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Re: Scam??



Its a scam, they don't use ebay checkout as they are using a hacked ebay account and do not have a paypal account.

They send fake paypal or ebay emails saying you have to send the code before you get your funds, load of rubbish as you never have to send anything as a seller before the funds show in your paypal balance.  

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