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Good evening, My husband has just been scammed. A “payment” of £498 has just been sent and over £300 is waiting for a courier payment to be made. When I research on the internet about this people have had £100s taken from PayPal and are losing their money. Can you help?
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Re: Scam



If a payment was sent via PayPal as goods and services, then locate the transaction in PayPal account activity page, click it, then click "report a problem" to file a Item Not Received or Significantly Not As Described. If you sent payment independently of PayPal, there is nothing PayPal can do, for instance, if money was sent by MoneyGram or Western Union.


Just need more info on the scam though, ie, what was asked of your husband, the scenario. In other words, what happened? Did he sell or buy an item? PayPal does not ask you to pay a third party, buy a gift card, etc before showing your payment. If someone really sent payment, you will see a record of it in your PayPal account in some form (in available or pending balance).

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂