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Scam merchants

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Ordered portable ice making machine. Company sent pair of glasses. Parcel consists of my home address, tracking number, what is in the parcel,eg glasses, cost of glasses $13. When I contacted co.they offered me 50% refund and I could keep glasses. Utter scam. Made a claim. PayPal contacted co. Co sent same tracking number saying parcel was delivered,scam. If PayPal go in their favour I will take PayPal to court. I also seen advert on Face book ad. Maybe Facebook should be looking to stop these scammers.

Scam merchants

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Same exact thing happened to me. 3 transactions and 2 companies. I ordered 7 items in 2 transactions from one company who sent me a toothbrush and a Bluetooth headset and offered me 50% refund or resend the order. I'll have them resend it. I ordered 5 items from another company and all 5 items were sent to different addresses, none of them mine. I opened a claim and lost because the company provided a tracking number with delivery confirmation. I'm going to appeal. I never disputed the fact they were delivered. I said I never received my order. They were delivered, just not to me. And FedEx and USPS have me the addresses where they went and I went there and the items were sent back to the shipper. I too found the ads on Facebook

Scam merchants

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Chinese Web Sites or on Social Media ads easy to spot (once you know the below signs) so buyer beware.

Paypal would not be able to check every individual seller / merchant / company in over 200 countries worldwide that adds paypal to their website to accept payments.

So they give you 'some' buyer protection but the onus is on you to risk assess your transactions.

They do stop bad companies from using Paypal when enough claims start rolling in.
However as they are in China (mostly) then its easy for them to just start over with a new name, so stopping them does not really do anything.

The BEST thing is to not buy from them in the first place, to recognise them -

1. No return address on the returns policy. The site will look as if its in your country (where they despatch goods from) but they will ask for returns to go back to China (returns depot) at a shipping cost often more than the item is worth.
2. No contact telephone number. if you click on contact the most you will get is webmail or an email address.
3. Rarely company address information.
4. Great pictures of items at bargain prices that turn out to be tat.
5. Fake reviews.
6. Google and you can often see previous company names as they change them once enough claims roll in and Paypal stop them using their services and start over.
7. Send fake tracking numbers to win item non receipt of item claims.

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