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Scam by The Shopping Website Called Flastal

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Scam by The Shopping Website Called Flastal

Hello to you folks. Eveyone can fall somewhere in their life and I fell to a scam ad I saw over facebook by the website named flastal 🙄🙄


which presented cool looking RC construction vehicles for a discounted price, and for my exitement I chose the 14 days shipping for more money 😅😁😁👉


but as the shipping took way longer than that I opened a dispute for Item not recieved in paypal, because I felt that I got deceived and therefore I have escalated the case thinking the problem was solved 😎😎


but💥 😰🤢😱 to my surprise the problem wasn't solved with the seller for 2 months .


🤧🤕🤒 🛌👨‍🍳


now after 60 days past the shipping timeline I recieved a piece of plastic junk that is not even remote controlled and it can be bought for 10% of the price I paid 😛😖🤣


I ask if paypal would allow me to change the dispute to item not as described and give me a refund without having to send this junk back to the cheap store it came from because the item did not match the description in every possible way 


also after I made some research I found that they have used videos and photos of others without permission, they have fake contact info, and they opened their website few weeks prior to the scam ad on facebook, and they still operate till now 😵😵😵


and ofcourse they buy and ship from a chinese supplier 😒😒


name of scam company: Flastal

name of subject: Michael <removed>(not sure if it is the real name)

link to scam website: