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#Roommatenightmare #agreement violation

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#Roommatenightmare #agreement violation

I responded to a Facebook marketplace ad and moved into a a downtown condo feb 1rst,2021.

things were initially ok. But started noticing my roommate, had very little regard for respect in any form. It was his place and I was just there at his pleasure. Even though we split the rent evenly.
in June of this year he went to Panama for vacation. We live in Canada and the law states that travellers must observe a 2 week @quarentine period with the first night in a hotel on their  return. 
He surprised me by showing up a week early and came straight home.

Told me he had booked the hotel and then canceled it. so he could show the reservation if it came up.
He regularly went out,  watched the mcgregor fight at a friends place.

So just before his 2 weeks was up and he was about to go back to work, (he drives a bus for @ttc)

I told him I didn’t appreciate his disregard for my health or even the courtesy of letting me know his plans. 
his response was to give me until the following night to move out. 
in Ontario there are no laws in place to protect subleases. So if you’re not on the rental form you can have the cops called on you at anytime for trespassing, no obligation by lease holder to return rent paid, even with records of payments. 
canceled. With no recourse. 
this is where I’m at now. 
does it seem logical to anyone that I dispute my rent payments made to him via PayPal?

since there’s no legally binding terms that are being honoured? At least the last payment I made?

I don’t know. Im just completely at a loss for what to do. 


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Re: #Roommatenightmare #agreement violation



Ask for a partial refund for the days you are not staying at the apt for the current month pro-rated. But since this roommate is so horrid might as well move on and not deal with em any longer. You can dispute transactions up to 180 days from transaction date but opening about approx six high value disputes can put your PayPal account in jeopardy.


Not a lawyer but may be see one about a simple contracts case if you made one with your roommate to stay at the premises.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂