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Rocky Network Technology Co., Ltd


Rocky Network Technology Co., Ltd

I did order a bag bed and did get 2 "gold rings", complete rubbish product and I did get a return adress:

Consignee: Zhengwei
Address: <removed>
Phone: <removed>

But whis i not the rigt adress, because if you look at the post bag what they have sent the rubbish item from it has follow adress: 



Then it is no longer Rockey Network Technology. Co., Ltd. It has change to name Dedemee. And you have to contact Ellen <removed> what do not exist 

I have open my dispute now 2 times and this second time I did send to Paypal picture of the rings what I have get. 

This is something what Paypal have to give us the money back because of this scam company. 

New Community Member

Re: Rocky Network Technology Co., Ltd

I've had the same problem. They sent out rubbish to me, not what I ordered and is really cheap, and now want me to send it to China and not the UK from where it was sent to me from..... Reported to PayPal and they want me to send the item to China if I want a refund. Not sure where my protection is to be honest. Seems like this company is sending out rubbish hoping that people won't chase them or return the rubbish back to them as the cost to do so is too high!