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Ripped off by UBER

New Community Member

Ripped off by UBER

£4.22 was charged to my Paypal by UBER (23rd November 2019) - normally when I use UBER I get an Email confirming my journey - no Email was received and I only spotted the amount as I was looking at my bank account. Further investigation revealed that a £1 "pending" transaction to UBER is also showing from 1st November. I disputed the amount ( it would not let me report the £1.00 transaction pending also on my account) but PayPal have come back and said that I authorised the amount. I clearly did not - how do I stop these fraudulent transactions appearing ? If this is not possible I will have no alternative but to close my account - which would be a shame. 


Re: Ripped off by UBER

Hi Mark-Leeds, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member!


It sounds like someone else may have set up an Uber Billing Agreement through your PayPal account. I would advise cancelling all the Billing Agreements associated with Uber on your PayPal account, change the password and security questions and then create a new Billing Agreement with Uber for yourself. 


- Siobhan