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I saw 2 separate ads on Facebook for Halloween dolls.  The name of the companies made u feel that they were here in the States so I ordered 8 dolls for a total of $180.72.  That was the end of Sept and Oct 1.  I got an email from then saying they would be sent out and in 3 days receive a tracking number.  That would've been the 10th.  Here it is the 16th and still nothing.  This is the email ::  

Dear customer
we have already sent your parcel to the logistic company ,
they are dealing it now and will ship it out with 3 days,
then give us the tracking number,
please don't worry,
thanks for your understanding .
Have a nice day!
Liars.  What struck me odd was giving me a receipt from paypal..  I don't have a paypal acct and couldn't have given money to them.  I went to contact paypal about it and had NO CHOICE but to make an acct just to talk to them.  I have 2 disputes about this and have to wait a month to find out what they plan to do.  I don't plan to drop the disputes and will fight them to get a full refund.  If need be I'll take paypal to the BBB and force them to give me my money back since they still allow these **bleep** to continue doing business with them!
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Re: Rip-off!



Paypal doesn't choose your seller for you, you decided to buy probably tat from one of these China web sites or Social Media ads.

All paypal did was process the payment for you as you requested and they give you 'some' buyer protection but it is not an insurance policy that covers everything.


I hope it does not turn up if you opened a dispute for non receipt because if so you should get a refund BUT i suspect it will turn up and be tat so if it does post back for more advice.


Also i hope you funded your purchase via a credit card (if paypal does not work out) AND have you activated the below link?

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Re: Rip-off!

I never said Paypal did.  If u would have read my message, I said it came thru my FB feed and the store looked just like any other store u can order things from in the USA called Twinklshop and Anitantnals.   If I knew it was from China, I never would have bought from them.  I had no idea it was these people, Duo, until the so-called processing came thru and saw the address.  They use fake storefronts to get u to buy.  Paypal knows about these people and can stop them from using paypal as a source of payment.  I NEVER had a paypal acct until today when I had to open one up just to talk to them about this issue!  This company sent me a receipt FROM PAYPAL.... I didn't have an acct from them... the second red flag.