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Returning items

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Returning items

So I opened a dispute against a seller after I received a completely broken and destroyed item and never received the replacement. PayPal has now basically agreed in my favor so I get my money back, but they want me to send back the items of which went in the bin after I was told I'd be getting a replacement, and the other I never received, so I literally have no way of sending the items back. I threw the original out back in July/August. Does anyone know a way around this? I've tried emailing and I just keep getting the same automated response. Thanks
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Re: Returning items



The dispute stage of a claim is for negotiating part refunds / refunds with the seller.

Once escalated to a claim the ONLY option paypal give you is to return what you received back to the seller 'trackable' to receive a full refund.


Return shipping costs are at your expense BUT you can reclaim some of them if you activated the below link at some point before the transaction was made.


The only time paypal do not tell you to return the items is if the item has been proved as fake OR the seller does not respond to the claim.

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