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Returned Item after 3 months broken

New Community Member

Returned Item after 3 months broken

Hi All,


I wonder if someone can help shed light on what has been a torrid time using PayPal. 

I sold my son's Wii U on eBay for £80 in August. I took photos, listed the item as used E.g. functioning with some signs of wear. But the console was in good overall condition and worked perfectly.

After about a week, I received a notification to say the person wasn't happy, claiming there was damage to the console I had not told them about. 

I knew this was not the case, however, out of good faith I accepted to refund the console after they had sent it back to me.

The console never arrived and eBay sided with me that this person is attempting to scam me. 

Fast forward 3 months, I receive a notification on PayPal, " a hold has been placed on these funds". The same person was trying to send back the Wii U.

It is now December... why can someone return a product they've had for 3 months?!

I had been furious upon hearing this but again awaited delivery. The delivery arrived and the console is in a state. Looks like it has been either thrown downstairs or deliberately roughed up. It is missing parts, including the TV bar and Pen. To top it off the cables are completely different and have been cut & taped up. The console no longer works. PayPal has refunded the customer and the appeal process gives me an error every time I attempt to send it off. Can someone from PayPal or the community help me? I refuse to be scammed, I have rights under the consumer rights act of 2015 and nobody seems capable of applying them, do I have to go to court? 

original listingoriginal listingreturned back (not working)returned back (not working)Missing penMissing penDifferent cut cablesDifferent cut cables