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Return shipping refund?


Return shipping refund?

PayPal doesn't want to pay return shipping but i couldn't claim it till it was received by the dodgy seller which took over few months to get the item back to him, it was stuck in HK customs. PayPal said they would pay the refund for return postage but now they saying i waited more than 30 days to lodge a claim. it was received by the seller on 10-10-2020, thats when PayPal issued the refund on the item but now dont want to pay the return shipping fee. This is absolutley crap. I even have a screen shot from the PayPal dispute center saying they will refund the return post costs.

I wasn't able to requset a refund on return shipping until the item was delivered back, that was only 12 days ago.

It was sent back on the 01-08-2020.