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Return costs during dispute

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Return costs during dispute

Hello we bought some crockery from Procook. Some of the plates are chipped underneath, some have paint marks which don’t come off. I asked for collection and refund through the resolution centre. The seller now wants me to post back a 20kg box which would cost me more than the actual crockery. What can I do?

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Re: Return costs during dispute



Nothing you can do but return it with tracking for proof of delivery. Typically shops require you return an item before getting a refund. Can't have both item and money. If you file a dispute and escalated it to PayPal claim, they will offer same resolution. You are not entitled to the return shipping costs in the dispute as PayPal cannot force seller to provide this, nor can PayPal refund more than what you originally paid. 


PayPal has a return shipping refund program for future purchases if this return is not eligible:


If you are not satisfied with this outcome, then you may choose to invoke your credit card chargeback rights, if that's how you paid, and dispute through the card issuer exclusively. The PayPal dispute will close as a result if one was opened and won't be able to return to PayPal to seek recourse for this transaction.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂