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Responded rather quickly, too quickly?


Responded rather quickly, too quickly?

From California, I listed a very large expensive item on CraigsList and Letgo last night. A woman in Maryland showed interest in only a couple hours and texted me. Today we've texted back and forth a few times and now appears ready to pay the full listing price. She texted her name. Here's what she wrote, verbatim, after I told them I have a PayPal account:  "Alright, I will like you to get back to me with your full name, pick up location address and PayPal email address so i can effect payment into your account as i will have my carrier agent come for the pickup and paper works once funds are cleared in your account Thanks."


What am I missing here? I'm concerned but I don't see the scam if one exists. Could I be this lucky to sell the item so quickly. Thank you for any help.


Re: Responded rather quickly, too quickly?

If you receive a PayPal payment and don't have a tracking number for the item saying that it was delivered, (signed and delivered for items over $750.00) then you wont get seller protection. 


I'm going to post a couple PayPal links with more details.