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Resolution denied

New Community Member

Resolution denied

I put in a refund request back in June as an item I ordered in May had not appeared, the item has still not appeared. Today, PayPal closed the dispute saying that the company had provided tracking info and said this was proof of no refund being granted. I’ve tried to get in touch with company, called Jinzhuo, probably a fake company, and email has been pinged back undeliverable. What can I do now to try and get my money back if PayPal have closed the dispute?

Re: Resolution denied

Hi, I am going through the same process now. I have had the so called seller give a tracking number, even though I asked to have the purchase cancelled the same day I placed my order. They messaged me and asked for my email address and order number that same day, which I sent straight back. Now I have received an email to say my order was sent 3 days later and now Paypal are reviewing my dispute. I already expect they will close my case because the seller has given a tracking number. I did however ask to cancel my order, but I feel I will end up as you. As for what you can do now, I suggest you send Paypal a message, explaining that you never received your parcel, which should show in tracking. Ask them to review your case again and hopefully they will re-open your case for you.  Goodluck, I hope it works out in your favour.