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Resolution centre not affective

New Community Member

Resolution centre not affective

I have opened a dispute with a seller, whereby he sent an item which is totally different from the one I ordered resulting in false advertising. After contacting seller I was offer a percentage refund or a full refund only if I send the item back. I have checked the prices to send registered mail to China and it would cost me around €53 euro for shipping, more than the actual purchase of the item I bought). I have escalated to paypal and they havent actaully sent a proper response, they only said that I qualify for a full refund if I send the package and i get a week to do this. 


I was wondering if any of you had similar problems and how you went about it? I will only qualify for a full refund of ~$27 if I spend an additional €53 euro to send the item back. 

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? Will I be able to claim the shipping costs then?


thank you.