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Resolution center refunds help


Resolution center refunds help

I've been on a website for awhile now and been making payments to them for monthly virtual game items since 2016, recently the items I'd paid for were removed without warning from my account and even though they keep saying they'll give them back they've yet to, so I just asked them for my money back instead which they said they would do. 


I was able to put in 4 cases in the resolution center as 'other' since it's the only case that really fits it. Since I got my item but then it was taken away and it was supposed to be a permanent item. They only let me put in 4 cases for that though so I put the rest in directly to the seller that item wasn't as described and instead of replying they've just closed all the cases on me as soon as I open them. Ebay let me claim some of the items from back at the beginning of 2017 and I'm supposed to be getting those refunds but what should I do about the rest now. Once my other 4 cases are resolved can I then put in more and just need to do it 4 at a time? The seller of the times I purchased wouldn't even get back to me about it via email until they realized I already put claims in for refunds. 


Re: Resolution center refunds help

Giving this a bump since no help yet and it left page 1. 

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Re: Resolution center refunds help



If its virtual / digital transaction then you only have Paypal buyer protection for 'non receipt' and NOT 'not as described'.

As you did receive them (then taken away) you may not be covered.


However if you funded that paypal payment via a credit card then contact your card issuer and see if they will chargeback for you.

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