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Resolution Centre - No Case Open

New Community Member

Resolution Centre - No Case Open

I bought a phone which was decared UNLOCKED in the title of the eBay listing. After exactly 4 months and a few emails to the seller, I opened a dispute, over the phone, through Paypal. I paid for the phone through Paypal via my Mastercard, which for some unkown reason, doesn't show up in payment activity. So I had to open a dispute by phone, yes they were actually answering the phone at the beginning of August, now not!


They sent me an email stating that the phone needs to be returned for a refund and that I should put the tracking in the Case in the Resolution Centre, but they never opened a case. They aslo sent me a return address (which I must send it to) that includes California, when the seller is in the UK.


I am using the message centre, but it seems that they will not contact the real people dealing with the case and I just get repeat generic answers which do not deal with the problem.


Any ideas? This has become a farce.