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Resolution Center is so difficult to use! My dispute was denied because I cannot enter information!


Resolution Center is so difficult to use! My dispute was denied because I cannot enter information!

I filed the following complaint on PayPal’s “Resolution Center” on June 22, 2020:
I ordered the game system on June 9, 2020. In the description it was promised that the item would ship in two days and I would receive additional emails with tracking. I have not had any other communication, and doubt that I will receive the item. I finally received a useless toy from the seller.
This original dispute was denied because I received an “Item” from the seller. On August 19, I called PayPal’s customer service number because there was no way to enter any additional information into the resolution center page. My case was reopened, however because it was the same case number, I could not enter any more information. Once a user navigates away from a page in the resolution center, there is no way to return.
I reopened the case because the item received was a useless handle for my phone, hardly worth $249.99. PayPal told me that in order to get my money refunded I have to return the toy that is worth less than $1.00. I was given an address, but it is not the same as the address on the original package that contained the toy and the address is not formatted so that I can use it accurately. I am certain that the sender will claim that they never received the item and will therefore not give me a refund. It cost $35.35 to return the toy that is worth only $1.00 if that, since I had to have tracking numbers. Looking at the original package address label and customs declaration, the sender stated that the item was worth $10. I received an email from Service telling me to enter additional information to support my case on the resolution center, but once I entered that information in the only place that was active for me to use, I could no longer enter the tracking number for my return. Finally, my case has been denied because I did not enter the tracking number although I sent the information to several people via email.
The resolution center is totally useless, it looks like a series of set pages with no way to enter additional information once the user navigates away from each page. The pages are set fillable forms with a very narrow set of options. There is no way to go back to a previous set page to enter any additional information. The center certainly uses a bot that fires off emails to the parties involved in the dispute, I received emails that had little or no information.
So now I am out $249.99 plus the $35.35 I paid to send the item back to the seller.

Any suggestions from our community as to what I should do next?



Re: Resolution Center is so difficult to use! My dispute was denied because I cannot enter informati

I have had the same problem!. I ordered a product 04/01/2020 and ask the merchant for a refund before they mailed it. filed a resolution 04/16/2020 and the merchant.Weihongda Trading co, claims they used FEIA shipping in July and the tracking shows it delivered but I never received the item. the merchant does not respond for a refund and I have filed a resolution with Pay Pal and they just keep extending the investigation. I have a premium Pay Pal account and am wondering if this whole Pay Pal account is worth having at least if you just used credit card they would issue refund with no problem.